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Service- Customized Formula

Service- Customized Formula

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If you would like to develop a formula exclusively yours, this is the service for you.

How it works?

1. order service here

2. we will send you a form to discuss on the product characteristic required

3. we will start formulation development

4. we will send you the prototype for evaluation

5. if revision required, we will re-do step 3 and 4.

6. once formulation confirmed, we will monitor product stability (this will typically takes 3-6 months depending on complexity of the formulation)

7. once product stability is confirmed, we will send you product info file (PIF)


what is included in PIF:

1. formulation

2. raw material source

3. manufacturing procedure

4. quality control specification

5. product stability data


Term and conditions:

1. we provide at most 1 time revision. for additional revision, we charge a nominal fee of USD 120 per revision.

2. If revision required due to our mistake (eg instability), we will provide revision free  of charge

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